The Collected Works, Vol. 1

  • Author: Scott McClanahan
  • Category: Short Stories
  • Language: English
  • Isbn10: 1621050335
  • Isbn13: 9781621050339
  • Pages: 132
  • Rating: 4.45
  • Published: May 28th 2012 by Lazy Fascist
  • Format: EPUB, PDF, MOBI, FB2, TXT, Online
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    Mobile: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Kindle, Android, eReaders
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"Scott McClanahan is a powerful, exceptional writer, and the overall effect of reading his deceptively simple stories is like getting hit in the head by a champion cage fighter cranked up on meth that was cooked in a trailer without running water in some Kentucky backwoods where people sing murder ballads to their children to put them to sleep." -DONALD RAY POLLOCK, author of "The Devil All the Time"

"He might be one of the great southern storytellers of our time." -VOL. 1 BROOKLYN

"When I discovered the stories of Scott McClanahan last year, I was instantly enthralled with his natural storytelling voice and freaky funny tales. There's no pretense to Scott's work. It's like you're just dropped right into the middle of these fantastic and true stories. It's like a sweet blend of my favorite southern writers, Larry Brown and Harry Crews. Reading McClanahan is like listening to a good friend telling you his best real-life stories on your back porch on a humid night. And you both got a nice whiskey buzz going." -KEVIN SAMPSELL, author of "A Common Pornography"

"McClanahan's prose is unfettered and kinetic and his stories seem like a hyper-modern iteration of local color fiction. His delivery is guile and his morality ambivalent and you get the sense, while reading him, that he is sitting next to you on a barstool, eating peanuts and drinking a beer, and intermittently getting up to pick a song on the jukebox." -THE RUMPUS

"Reads like Bukowski with more surprises." -IMPOSE MAGAZINE

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